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Personal Trainer Lacey


My Story.
My Mission.

Personal Trainer Lacey

Meet Lacey Fitness Instructor at Fit FX in Gilbert, AZ.

I’ve been working for FitFX for less than a year. I’m a noob here but I’ve been coaching pole vaulters ages eight to nineteen for seven years. I’ve orchestrated small outdoor workout groups here and there as a hobby. I did these groups for free because working out with people is more fun than working out alone.

My favorite exercises and the ones I tell my athletes to do above all others are: the squat, weighted lunge, bench press, and pull ups.

I have loved coming to FitFX as a patron. What I love most is that I can come in and the equipment and workout are all set up for me. The rotation of cardio and resistance is great for all-around fitness. I have also appreciated that a stretch session and foam roll is worked into the hour.

Women Doing Crunch Exercise

Strength Training

Lacey loves to teach early in the morning and is an expert at strength training.

Class Members Using Fitness Bands

Make Fitness Fun

Lacey make her classes fun for all. She loves to smash your fitness goals by working through fatigue.

Female client is happy after workout

Weight Loss

Lacey encourages you to overcome life’s challenges by working through the pain and achieving goals!


Lacey in Action

About Lacey

Why should anyone train at Fit Fx with Lacey?

I encourage all my friends and family to try out FitFX because I believe in the method. I teach in the early morning hours and I enjoy it so much. It’s a powerful way to start your day. I want the people in my class to know that they are increasing their physical strength as well as their mental strength. If you can work through the pain and fatigue with an iron will to smash your fitness goals, that same spirit can help you work through the pain and fatigue with an iron will to overcome life’s challenges.

My favorite sports to participate in are sand volleyball, pickleball, racquetball, pole vault, and triathlons. I do not like watching sports. I made it a point not to marry a sports spectator. Instead, after we lay our baby down for bed, Kent and I eat our favorite dessert of frozen blueberries with peanut butter and oats with a bit of almond milk while we watch anime (his thing… but I have come to love it, too #attackontitan) or Little House on the Prairie (my thing but he enjoys it as well).

I played sports in highschool and college. I was an outside hitter for my highschool volleyball team and pole vaulted. I got a scholarship to pole vault at Mesa Community College where I also picked up the heptathlon, an event that takes two days to complete seven events wherein you receive points based on marks and times. (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin, and the 800m). Javelin and the 800m were my best events with high jump being my weakest. I graduated in elementary education from ASU and served a mission for my church for 18 months. After returning home, I married Kent, taught school for three years and then I had our baby. Now, I’m her (Elliot’s) full-time mom with lots of side gigs including FitFX, highschool track coaching, dog running, and tutoring.