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Best Group Fitness Classes

Get ready to change what you think you know about fitness classes with Fit Fx. Our group fitness classes bring intensity, fun, and accountability to your fitness regimen. And even though these are group classes, our workout programs are not one size fits all. 

Our fitness class instructors work with you to build a nutrition and workout regimen that brings maximum results. Fit Fx’s group training classes in Arizona, are full of like-minded people ready to change their lives, making for a great gym culture (totally necessary to success). 

What Makes It Different?

If you’ve been searching for the best group classes you can stop! Fit Fx is a unique gym where everyone gets individual attention while working out in a group setting. Our certified class instructors are experts at nutrition, exercise, and motivating you to reach your goals.

Exercise Classes for All

Cardio Classes

No group fitness class , would be complete without cardio. And ours is no joke. Although only 45 minutes long, we incorporate battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and more! The goal is to keep your heart rate up while having fun. We change the workouts in our cardio training classes regularly to keep your mind interested and your body growing.

Resistance Training Classes

If you’re looking for resistance classes, you’ve come to the right place. Our certified Instructors bring our group fitness classes through various exercises while making sure you are maintaining the correct form. You’ll see everything from bench presses to dead lifts while you burn fat and build muscle like you never have before.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Often forgotten is the need for a proper warm-up and cool-down. Our group classes, begin with a full-body warm-up to ensure you perform your best while remaining healthy.

Finally, we will lead group members through a foam rolling session to promote the relaxation of their muscles while reducing back scar tissue and pain.

Every member receives:

Full Body Assessment

  • Guided Goal Setting: We use our assessment to create customized goals to build your body
  • Monthly Body Analysis: This isn’t a one-and-done progress report. We check in every month to ensure you are meeting your goals
  • Personal Accountability: As the name implies, we’re a team providing motivation, accountability, and help

Nutrition Counseling

  • Personalized Diet: We offer a customized diet plan and tips for each individual to reach their body goals
  • Meal Planning: Bodies are made in the kitchen, and we will provide you with delicious recipes chock full of nutrients
  • Supplement Recommendations: We provide supplement recommendations for gaining muscle, losing fat, and more

Team Personal Training

  • Team Training: Work out with your peers, maintain accountability, and have fun
  • Fit Fx Methodology:  We provide fast, intense, interval training that shreds fat and builds muscle
  • Guided Coaching: Although our classes are groups, each person received individual coaching the whole time


Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Fitness Classes Are There?

Fit Fx offers personal training in a group session. While you are working out in groups, you will constantly receive feedback and personal advice. You can take part in our Cardio or Resistance training classes to shred fat and gain muscle.

Do Fitness Classes Work?

Yes! But you have to put in the work and remain dedicated. Our memberships include monthly assessments, nutritional coaching, and group classes, giving you a great chance at success.

How Much Is a Personal Trainer at the Group Gym?

Our PTs are included! Although all classes are in a group setting, you will receive personal guidance and advice throughout the entire class.

What Are Group Fitness Training Classes?

Our group fitness classes are unique. They are boot camp style, designed to create teamwork and personal accountability. Fit Fx’s certified personal trainers will guide you to ensure you get the most out of your workout during each class.

Can a Personal Trainer Teach a Group Fitness Class?

Yes, and much more! Our trainers work with you to assess your progress, set goals, help you with nutrition, and guide you during your classes.