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The Best Cardio Fitness Classes

If you’ve been looking to shred fat in a fun, motivating way, Fit Fx is the gym for you. We provide Arizona, and surrounding towns with unique cardio workouts that will get your heart rate pumping and your blood flowing.

Work out with like-minded peers in a group setting that provides accountability, teamwork, and of course, a fat-burning exercise. We aim to keep it fun with various moves like kettlebells, battle ropes, and more!

Why Cardio Fitness Classes Help You Get Fit

If you’re sick of running on a treadmill and staring at a TV, our cardio training is just what you’re looking for. We provide each client a heart rate monitor before class, so you know we will keep up the pace!

Wondering how Fit Fx cardio fitness classes work? Our classes combine a variety of workouts to not only keep you from getting bored but also to keep your body from stagnating. We incorporate everything from bodyweight exercises and Bosu balls to padded boxes and bands!

Our cardio fitness class benefits are better than the rest. Although our workouts only last about 45 minutes, they are intense! We carefully craft each workout to provide the “Fit Fx Effect,” which keeps your body burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.

And just to make sure we keep you surprised, we constantly change the workouts, timing, and equipment to make sure your body is constantly challenged.

Work Together

Going to the gym alone is not only tedious, but it can quickly take away any motivation you have. Our cardio exercise classes are in a group setting, ensuring you always are surrounded by hardworking, motivating individuals.

Every person that joins our gym has the same goals — health, fitness, and fun. When you are surrounded by like-minded people, it’s easy to remain motivated! Our boot camp style workouts ensure that you build teamwork and accountability every day while working out.

Cardio Fitness Class Benefits — Personalized Coaching

Many people fear that group cardio training means they won’t get any personal attention from the trainers. At Fit Fx, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

All of our certified personal trainers will not only provide guidance and motivation during your workout, but they’ll work out with you! Get tips on proper form and the push you need to work just a little bit harder!

And don’t think that our trainers are done with you when there’s no class. We provide all of our clients with monthly body assessments and help develop goals to create your ideal body, including our nutrition coaching, tips, and recipes to keep you in the best shape possible.

Our instructors are passionate about fitness. Many were previously in your shoes, trying to find a gym and program that worked for them. After joining and experiencing Fit Fx for themselves, they knew that this is the best way to create a healthy, fit lifestyle no matter who you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I Just Go for a Run?

Sure you can. If your only goal is to burn calories, running is excellent. But what we provide at Fit Fx is a holistic approach to functional fitness. We keep your body moving and the blood flowing with a variety of fun moves and workouts. This burns more calories and builds functional strength that you will notice.

What If I’m Not in Great Shape?

Come on in! Many of us were in your exact shoes before. While changes don’t happen overnight, the only way to improve your body is to start working out. We have clients of all fitness levels, so you won’t feel intimidated. In fact, it’s our goal to make you feel confident and ready!

What About Gaining Muscle?

Our cardio training fitness classes in Gilbert, AZ, are great for burning fat. And while we have a separate resistance class for building muscle, our cardio exercises still involve lifting and jumping that will naturally build muscle.

Do Your Trainers Know About Cardio and Resistance?

Yes! Our trainers are experts in all things fitness, from cardio and resistance to nutrition and meal planning. They create unique classes geared towards your fitness goals.