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Warm-Ups/Cool Downs Prevent Injury

While the classes at Fit Fx may be intense, health is our main priority. That’s why each class begins with a group exercise warm-up. These warmups aim to ensure that your body is ready and to prevent any muscular injuries from occurring. A warm-up for workouts is essential to preventing injuries and providing a safe class ensues.

Once the class is complete, our personal trainers will lead the group training classes through a cool-down workout. This involves a foam rolling session that aims to reduce the negative after-effects of working out, reduce soreness and inflammation, and relax your muscles.

How a Fit Fx Warm-Up/Cool-Down Class Works

Are you wondering why warm-up/cool-down classes help you stay safe in your workouts and fitness journey? When you perform a warm-up, the chances of injury are reduced greatly. Stretching your muscles reduces the chance for strained or pulled muscles, while other moves will loosen up your joints and prepare you for the intense workout that lies ahead.

Our warm-up/cool-down class wouldn’t be complete without a cool-down. Our Fit Fx instructors will lead the class in a foam rolling session after each group fitness class. Although we have fun exercise classes, our primary goal is to ensure that your body remains healthy and ready to go next time.

Our foam rolling eases any sore muscles, breaks down scar tissue and lactic acid, increases range of motion, and promotes muscle relaxation. All of these combine to heal your body properly in time for your next class without any negative effects.

Keeping You and Your Teammates Safe

Although we work you hard, our goal is to do so in the safest manner possible. Our exercise class warm-ups take place on a padded floor, absorbing impact and preventing injuries while protecting your joints. This turf also has plenty of traction, allowing you to go as hard as possible without slipping or losing your footing during an exercise.

In addition to workout safety, we take our COVID safety seriously. Here are some of the steps we take:

  • Fully sanitize the studio after each workout
  • Disinfectant and hand sanitizer is available in the studio at all times
  • We vacuum, clean, and sanitize the floor on a weekly basis

We know how dirty gyms can be. Our goal is to be the safest, most fun, and most effective gym.

Professionals at Your Disposal

During your group exercise warm-up, a certified personal trainer will lead your class. Our trainers are not just experts in working out. They are experts in whole-body health, which includes warm-ups and cool-downs during each workout.

Our certified trainers are more than just employees. They are part of your team here at Fit Fx. After leading you through a strenuous, effective workout, you’ll be led through a thoroughly researched foam rolling session that has been proven to work. They will make sure you warm up properly, pointing out any changes in technique that are needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary to Do a Warm-Up?

Working out without properly warming up and cooling down is actually quite dangerous! The warm-up/cool-down class benefits include getting your body ready for the intense workout that lies ahead and preventing cramps, muscle strains, joint issues, and more.

Do Personal Trainers Know About Warm-Ups?

Our personal trainers are all certified. They have expertise in the workouts they lead and warm-ups, cool downs, nutrition, and meal planning. All of this is included in your membership and helps you get as fit as possible!

How Much Do Warm-Ups Cost?

Our warm-up/cool-down class near Gilbert, AZ, is included in your membership cost and is a vital piece of the Fit Fx philosophy.

What If I Am Not Flexible?

Warming up is important, no matter your flexibility. And the good thing is, the more you stretch and warm up, the more naturally flexible you will become!