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Fit Fx is a fitness club in that is different in many ways. Beside other factors, our certified trainers put a special stress on personal training and the diversity in both nutrition and workout. This results not only in overall better results, but it’s also more fun. In fact, one-sidedness is often the reason why people lose their motivation to work out.

The most supportive Fitness Center

We diversify every workout and intercorporate all tools our gym has to offer (there are quite a few!) in our group personal training. Many people are shy and insecure to try new machines and tools in other gyms offering personal training we know that! But here, everyone is encouraged during every single step and the “first-time” is not accompanied by insecurity but curiosity and passion to try it! Also, if you work out with a new tool for the first time, there is usually a big chance your technique is lacking something. Not anymore at Fit Fx where you’re constantly guided during your personal training by the best trainers.

Another awesome thing is the passion everyone on the team has. There are several guys among our trainers who used to be at the same point as our clients – visiting group personal training and being coached by others. They were not satisfied with their body, living unhealthy life accompanied by health issues, low energy level, and little self-confidence. But after joining the Fit Fx and experiencing the first results, they started to feel passion for what they’re doing so much that they became part of our awesome team after completing theoretical education.

We’re happy to say that our approach is the fastest growing trend in the fitness industry!

Why Everyone Loves Group Personal Training at Fit Fx

Almost everyone, who has ever tried group personal training in Fit Fx, is amazed by the experience. The difference between normal personal training and our group personal training sessions is mainly the team – a keyword you also find in our name. In fact, the keyword represents everything our health club is about. 

Many of our clients claim that it is the team spirit they enjoy and are motivated by the most during our group personal training classes. The experience goes often further: there have been many friendships closed between our members since there is a special atmosphere during the classes which connects people emotionally. It is a great feeling when you’re able to share your success with someone who’s been on the same path as you! 

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Have you ever wondered how is to train in the best personal training fitness studio? We want you to come and make sure yourself! For free! Everything you need to do is download a Free Membership Pass and get 7 free fitness classes and personal training.

You don’t want to come alone? We know that feeling! Even though you have absolutely no reason to be shy, you can take anyone with you! Just download two free membership passes for two people!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the gym!

Our client during personal training in Gilbert, AZ
Group personal traning at Fit Fx
Coach Phil showing excerices during a virtual personal traning
A female team member is sitting next tp trainer Phil and showing thumbs up
Female team member is fully focused on her workout