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How TRX System Workouts Can Shred Your Body

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YES, You Can Get Ripped With TRX System Training

Just like any workout, consistency is the key to success!

Have you ever heard of the TRX suspension system? Let’s start this journey by identifying the benefits of suspension training. Did you know the one of the best ways to shape your body is to use your own body weight? Yes its true, body weight suspension shreds your body and builds strength beyond most workouts. This is why Fit Fx will be providing its members a complete TRX suspension system. TRX suspension systems have been in existence for over 20 years.


Example of TRX Systems in Action at the Marine Base Training Facility


Marines Using TRX Suspension Training

Marines Using TRX – Credit to


TRX Suspension Training Was Introduced by a American Navy Seal


They were first deployed in 1997 in southeast Asia by a Navy Seal looking to perform modified push-ups. Since then, TRX systems have become a hit in America as most gyms and personal training facilities provide the systems as a feature amenity. Human body weight suspension workouts are used by many organizations and groups. Many military forces use body weight training. Not to mention at home, using these techniques can save you money and time. Body weight suspension workouts have been in existence for hundreds of years. Many of the martial arts use such techniques to train. As in Jiu Jujitsu and other arts, the students typically use their belts to suspend for various strength training exercises.


TRX body weight suspension training is a tool that leverages gravity and your body weight to provide great resistance and strength training. Their are many exercises you can perform with your own body weight suspension training. The benefits of these exercises harness benefits such as better strength, increased balance, better flexibility and a great increase in overall core strength. Some of the top 3 extremely effective exercises that are insanely beneficial to your body are:

1. Upper Body TRX Blast: This exercise will target your biceps, shoulders mid to upper back & abs of course!

    • Start with a neutral grip (Meaning basic grip with hands in a natural position pointing forward horizontally).
    • Lean back carefully until your weight is distributed to your heals with your arms extended outward in front of you.
    • Keep your core tight and pull your body forward crunching your arm to your upper body/chest.
    • Allow your body to suspend back to your heals and REPEAT. (We recommend up to 15 reps per session).


Demonstration of an Insanely Efficient Exercise – Upper Body TRX BLAST!


Your next exercise will be just like a regular push up. We know those can be difficult. The key to utilizing the TRX system is allowing your body weight to do the work. A regular push up on the ground can be much more daunting that a TRX push-up. But NO excuses, listen up soldiers! A TRX Classic Push-up is easy, until you get into the high reps. Again we recommend you perform between 8 to 15 reps every session. Using your body weight requires more reps as the suspension on your toes in this exercise make it easier.

2. The Classic Push-up: This exercise will mainly target your upper body/chest, triceps & core.

    • Begin by gripping the TRX straps with your wrists locked in a neutral position.
    • Put some of your weight on your toes, but make sure to evenly distribute the weight to your arms as well.
    • Slowly descend down to a push up. Keeping your shoulders & wrist locked to prevent injury.
    • At the bottom of the rep in the push up position hold for 1 second. Then push back up & repeat!


Demonstration of an Awesomely Efficient Workout – TRX Classic Push-up!


Now that you are performing the basic TRX workouts. Let’s demonstrate a more advanced TRX exercise. This one you will have to work up to unless you are already a TRX pro. The next exercise is extremely effective for the back, upper body and arms. Although, it takes upper body strength so be careful with how you perform this exercise. There are ways to modify your body weight to lessen the load and provide an easier challenge. Feel free to use your judgement and be careful how much body weight you are utilizing. NO INJURIES. Remember 8 to 15 reps if possible. If you need to start with less per session, that is OK. We will work you up to the amount you need as you progress forward in your workouts.

3. The Stand & Deliver: This exercise will shred your lats, shoulders and upper back. Plus add arm & core strength.

    • Begin in a safe position suspended back on your heals. (Remember control your body weight and utilize what suits your current fitness level).
    • Turn your hands from a neutral position to thumbs up. (Make sure to grip fairly tightly to prevent slippage of the strap handles).
    • Slowly open your arms to the fully open position, allowing your body weight to progress forward. (Remember to keep even weight distributed on your heals).


Demonstration of an Advanced/Optimum Exercise – TRX Stand & Deliver!


We have discussed the benefits of TRX Suspension training, it’s origin and history. Plus, we have demonstrated a few of the exercises for you to get stated on your TRX Training. At Fit Fx we are fully equipped with our state of the art TRX Suspension Training system. Our Personal Trainers have extensive knowledge and training in TRX Systems. We invite you to come in and try our proven techniques using TRX. At Fit Fx we will always respect your fitness level and comfort in personal training. Our facility is low pressure, high results. This is why our club is willing to extend a free fitness analysis and TRX walk through. We will show you the equipment, assess where you are and provide a training program that includes TRX to help you reach and maintain your goals.


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