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Analyze A Personal Trainer, Before You Hire Them

Qualified personal trainers possess the proper knowledge, training and overall know how, to provide clients with the best fitness programs and workouts tailored to each and every client. Instructing participants to reach their goals is not as easy as providing a workout, then being a drill Sargent on accountability. A truly experienced and well-rounded personal trainer knows how to work with their clients to change that person’s lifestyle. We all know, that losing weight, getting in shape and becoming fit takes a change in one’s daily lifestyle. This is why it is crucial for you to vet your potential trainer, before hiring them to train you. This valuable piece of content is intended to help you understand how, why and when to hire personal trainers!

Let’s kick this off by describing some of the question you should ask, before you commit to your Personal Trainers.

  • Are they certified?
    • Personal trainers must be certified to provide you a good, safe and effective personal training experience. Most gyms require their trainers to get some type of certification. Remember this, just because the trainer is certified does not make them good but is a great start!
  • How long have they been training?
    • Most Personal trainers have an extensive background, that goes back to high school and college. Meaning, they are usually athletes or long-time fitness buffs. Would you hire a trainer that is 5’1” 300LBS of pure fat? NO, in order to get someone fit, you must understand how to get fit yourself. Basically, do not hire overweight, out of shape trainers. If they don’t know how to change their own lifestyle, how are they going to change yours?
  • Do they have proper education?
    • Personal training is an art in itself. For your fitness trainer to have the proper education can speak volumes. One good example is do they understand the basic human anatomy. Now, I am not saying you have to be a surgeon or doctor to personally train someone. But understanding the human anatomy, how muscles groups work. What they need to grow & when to rest, when to work harder. These are crucial for you to have a safe, fun and productive training experience. Besides, doctors and surgeons need personal training as well. So personal trainers, start reading your basic human anatomy books!
  • Does your Personal Trainer emphasize on the client assessment?
    • Client assessments are key to driving fitness results. You must benchmark where you are & where you are going. Not to mention, seeing the results along the way is motivating for you to continue. Your Personal trainers should be screening and assessing your body, workouts and progress. The word assess does not mean check you out and make inappropriate advances at you. The Personal Trainer you hire, should respect you as a client and be focused on giving you what you need to succeed. Never hire a trainer that is not 100% professional and focused on providing you the value that you paid for. Changing your life and getting results! Make sure your trainer is practicing the best ethical standards for fitness professionals.
  • Are they motivated and energetic?
    • Does your Personal Trainer have the energy, patients and know how to push you in your workouts, along with keeping you accountable with your eating habits? Nutritional counseling is a must! Hiring a trainer that is dull and of low energy, may detour you from visiting them regularly. We all know, the chaos in the world is stressful and we do not have time for boring Personal Trainers. Working out and getting in shape should be fun and relieve daily stress. Be sure to analyze your trainer’s personality and energy levels. Living the fitness lifestyle gives you energy and happiness! You should ensure that you are excited to see your trainer. This will help you show up and get it done!


Take Your Time to Choose the Right Fitness Professional

In wrapping things up, hiring a Personal Trainer is a very important decision. Therefore; always do your homework to ensure who you choose to train you is up to the industry standards. Also, be sure to like who they are and what they do. One last bit of advice for you in the journey. Make sure to assess your Personal Trainers results with their clients. They should have reviews & client testimonials. This ensures you; they are committed to their job and care what you think about them. NOW get out there and find your next fitness trainer to help you win! If you need a free $50 voucher to try before you buy. Visit Fit Fx Personal Training near Gilbert, Arizona.