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New December Workout Additions!
Sticking with Fit Fx’s monthly tradition, we will be unveiling some new exercises in December! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Let’s take a look at the newest additions:
1.) Box Toe Touch
 Adding an extra element to the traditional medicine ball toe-touch, the box toe-touch challenges us even more with the need to get our toes even higher, making the exercise even more anaerobic than ever! When we elevate those feet even higher, we will drive that heart rate through the roof!
2.) Runner’s Skip
 The Runner’s Skip is a combination of the reverse lunge and a traditional skipping motion. In this exercise, you will take a big step backward into a reverse lunge, before exploding forward with that back leg into a stationary skip. It’s an exercise that combines both speed and agility, challenging your ability to control your body while asking it to perform multiple movements!
3.) Spiderman Burpee
 A new twist to an old favorite! The Spiderman Burpee starts off like a traditional burpee however instead of both legs kicking back, you will only bring one leg back at a time, then bringing it back up to join the other and finishing the traditional burpee. Alternating from leg to leg will provide you with something you never thought was possible: an even harder burpee!
4.) Elevated Sumo Squat
 When it comes to weights, range of motion is critical! In traditional sumo squat form, you will now be standing on step-up boxes, allowing your squat to go even deeper and maximizing your range of motion. The more range of motion we have, the more we break down those muscles, and of course the harder we work the higher our heart rate jumps!