Whats new in November 2016

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You’ve probably noticed over the past couple of months that we’ve been making an effort to make sure there are always some new exercises each month to keep you on your toes and to keep things exciting! This month we stick with that trend of adding new exercises and also continuing to focus on isolating specific muscle groups:
1.) Plank Jack
➢ Our first new exercise is called the plank jack. As the name suggests, you will be down in a plank position, but rather than just doing the same old boring plank, you will be kicking your feet out and in just like if you were doing an upright jumping jack! It’s always good to continuously challenge our core and this exercise is going to be great for that! This will also allow us to focus more on keeping that heart rate up which can tend to fall while doing traditional planks during an active recovery exercise.
2.) Vertical Mountain Climber
➢ Very similar to high knees, the vertical mountain climber is going to involve driving those knees upward in a very high, hard, and fast motion! However, unlike the high knees exercise, the vertical mountain climber adds in more of the upper body as you extend each arm upward, alternating from left to right, which gives us that extra element to keep that heart rate through the roof!
3.) Alternating Row and Alternating Press on NEW RIP: 60 Straps!
➢ You might have noticed by now that we’ve upgraded our old TRX straps to RIP: 60 straps, which are advanced in many ways! One of those ways is that it has a pin that allows for the left and right straps to either be held in place, or pass through its center point so that one can become longer than the other without any additional adjustments. For the new alternating row, we will have the pin removed, allowing you to row one arm at a time, while the other extends forward, all while allowing the RIP: 60 to support your body weight! This will add an awesome new element to those back days!
➢ Similar to the alternating rows, the alternating press utilizes the straps without the stationary pin, and this time we are in a forward facing position while pressing forward one arm at a time, really focusing on those chest muscles!