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Fit Fx | Your Local Gym | Member Spotlight: Jeff LaClair
Each month Fit Fx will highlight a member of the gym so we can get to know the people we work out with a little better! This month we get a closer look at one of the hardest workers we have at Fit Fx, Jeff LaClair!

1.) What brought you to Fit Fx to begin with?

My girlfriend started the program and couldn’t stop talking about it.  I
figured I’d give it a try because of the specials that are offered.

2.) Did you have some goals in mind when you came aboard and have you
been meeting those goals?

I was looking to get in shape and lose some weight.  After the initial
assessment at Fit Fx I finally put goals on paper.  Fit Fx
helped me put together a set of realistic goals and a game plan to achieve
them.  I’ve been able to surpass my original goals.  Fit Fx has
been helping me tweak my original game plan which has allowed me to start
on a whole new list of goals.

3.) What motivates you to keep coming back week in and week out?
Fit Fx creates a great atmosphere to workout.  It’s not your

typical gym atmosphere.  I look forward to the classes because I know I’m
going to see something new every time I go.  All I have to do is show up.

4.) Is there one specific (or maybe a couple) element of Team
Fit Fx that you particularly like?
The personalized training you get from the trainers, constantly evolving

workouts and the accountability for your goals.

5.) What types of things do you like to do for fun outside of Team
Fit Fx?
Anything outdoors.  I’ve got hooked on mountain biking since I’ve moved to


6.) Have you been able to enjoy other activities (hiking, running/races, etc) or other aspects of your life even more as a result of your time at Fit Fx?
I’ve noticed a big change in all of the physical activities that I do. The increased athleticism is another benefit of the functional workouts that Fit Fx puts together.
Some extra, fun questions:
Where are you originally from?
Michigan – Go Blue!
Big hometown sports fan?
Go Blue!
Tough to root for a team that’s half a country away?
It’s tough to be a Lions fan wherever you live.
You’ve lived in a few different states so far…what are your thoughts
on Arizona and what do you think about these summers?
Arizona is the best place I’ve lived.  The people are laid back and down

to earth.  I’ll take these summers over shoveling snow or the humidity.