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Ladies ! Don’t fear the weights!

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Hey Ladies! Are you avoiding weights because you believe they will only add bulk to your physique.  Well, in todays video I am going to help clear the confusion on resistance or weight training for ladies.  Proper, high-intensity strength training, safely applied, is one of the most important things that a woman can do to ensure an overall better quality of life. You will absolutely reap the benefits of increased lean muscle mass, improved bone density and cardiovascular health, better insulin control, fat loss, and better athletic performance. Rest assured, the notorious bulk will not happen.  The difference however between men and women when it comes to putting on muscle is in the amount of testosterone each has.  Men have up to 20 times more testosterone, the hormone responsible for building muscle mass.  Unfortunately, those women who look like they are becoming more manly, are most likely taking testosterone to help increase their muscle size, especially among female bodybuilders.  However, I still hear tales of women that started using weights and just looked larger than they already where without any real improvement in overall appearance, and yes that can happen but only if you start eating more than you did when you started.  Its not uncommon that when someone starts a weight training program that instead of also changing their diet they think they can start eating more and therefore keep putting on fat because an hour of weight lifting burning say up o 500 calories can be defeated in minutes with a couple slices a pizza or bag of chips that contain in excess of 800 to 1000 calories.  So yes, its easy to keep gaining body fat with any exercise program if you don’t change your diet. But by adding lean muscle you will help increase your metabolism so you will burn more calories even when your not working out and then if you modify your diet in addition to your workout you will really start to see amazing results.  In addition by incorporating HIIT style cardio to your weight lifting program you will really start shredding that body fat off, leaving your with a toned, shapely physique that is sure to please even the most body conscious ladies.