Should I Do Cardio Before or After Weights?

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For those who want to build muscle and lose weight, consistency is key no matter if you do cardio before or after weights! There are many common myths when it comes to shedding fat and building lean muscles. When you look beyond the distractions and focus on your personal fitness plan, you’ll start to feel stronger both physically and mentally.

Myth: It takes more energy to do cardio than lift weights.

Many people think it takes more energy to do cardio, and so they think should do their cardio workout first while they have the most energy. But it takes just as much, if not more, energy to lift heavy weights.
Think about the recovery period rather than which one takes more energy. Completing a cardio workout before weights tires out the body and uses up your energy stores, which could cause you to skip the weights or complete half the workout. After a successful weight training session, your muscles build tissue at a higher rate than after cardio, so it’s in your benefit not to skip the weights or tire yourself out before lifting.

Myth: I should just do a lot of cardio if I want to lose weight.

It’s a common myth that to lose weight and build muscle, we should resort to long cardio workouts. Too often we hear of people doing long treadmill workouts and no weight training. In fact, the opposite is true. Your workouts should be high-intensity, short, and consistent. Your body needs a balance of exercises that get your heart rate up and build muscle.
The goal to building the look of lean muscle is to have your body use fat to fuel itself rather than muscle. This is accomplished when you complete short reps of heavy weights combined with intense bursts of cardio.

Should I do cardio before or after weights?

The short answer: after. When your goal is to build lean muscle, lifting weights is an important piece of your workout plan. You don’t want your body to be tired when you’re lifting. Hitting the heavy weights before you do cardio is your best bet.
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