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Your Guide to the Most Progressive Gyms in Gilbert AZ

“Fun atmosphere, great workouts, and overall a great group of people.”
“Love the staff, overall just an awesome place to workout!”
“All the trainers are very knowledgeable and will push you to work harder.”
These are just a few of the amazing reviews from our members. At Fit Fx, we go beyond traditional personal training with high-intensity workouts in a community environment. With world-class coaches and a unique, results-driven program, we’ve transformed the lives of so many members of the community. Will you be next? Read on to learn more about Fit Fx, one of the most progressive gyms in Gilbert AZ.

Group Workouts

It’s a known fact at Fit Fx that when you surround yourself with other people, you’re going to work harder. This is why we offer personal training in a team environment. Our boot camp-style personal training program invites larger groups of individuals to train together in a fast-paced, metabolic, interval training program while still receiving individual attention from a personal trainer. The high-energy music, inspirational coaching, comradery, and friendly competition keep our members coming back day after day.

Personalized Plans

When you walk into Fit Fx, you don’t become just another member, you become part of our family. We personally sit down with you before you begin your fitness journey to create a personal fitness plan. After all, your goals may be different than the others in your group, so it’s important to customize your workouts. Each month we’ll meet again to check in and make sure you’re on track and feeling great.

Nutrition Consultation

Exercise and nutrition combined lead to the amazing results you see at Fit Fx. We encourage all our members to engage in proper nutrition and meal planning. If you need assistance with your nutrition planning or healthy lifestyle adjustments, we’ll provide meal plans and make recommendations for diet supplements in support of your fitness goals.

Real Results

The workouts at Fit Fx are designed to help you shred fat and build lean muscle tissue. The HIIT methodology, resistance training, anaerobic training, heart rate training, and custom nutrition to get you into shape in a healthy way. Because of this unique combination, you’ll see 3x the results in 1/3 the time! If you haven’t already, check out some of our success stories on our website.
Will you be our next success story? Get started on your fitness journey with Fit Fx. Experience high-intensity group workouts, nutrition consulting, certified personal trainers, and monthly assessments, all in a community-driven environment. Sign up today for our 6-week trial or schedule your FREE workout today and start seeing results and you’ll see why Fit Fx is one of the most progressive gyms in Gilbert AZ!  You can also visit us on Facebook for more valuable fitness tips!