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Exercises to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Sometimes it’s easy to get in a workout rut. You know, going to the gym every day and doing the same old treadmill workout. What if we told you that you could lose weight and build muscle way more efficiently with your time?
Most customers come in with a personal goal to lose weight and build muscle. For this type of fitness goal, long-winded cardio workouts aren’t necessarily what you should be focusing on. Instead, high-intensity cardio and maximum-intensity circuit training combined with proper nutrition will ensure you see results faster.

These 10 basic exercises are great to add to your fitness plan if you’re looking to lose weight and build muscle.

1. Interval Sprints
2. Chin-ups
3. Squat jumps
4. Deadlifts
5. Bench press
6. Power sprints in place
7. Weighted Lunges
8. Seated Rows
9. Burpees
10. Mountain climbers
When your goal is to build muscle, make your weight training efforts efficient and focused. Take short rest times in between reps and exercises. Exercises that involve maximum weight will stimulate your muscles to build more tissue, so adjust the weight as you get stronger and are able to lift more. When you’re working out, remember that the goal is to really challenge your body or you won’t see the change you’re looking for.

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