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Your Ticket to Weight Loss

Your time is valuable, and you want the minutes you spend on your workout to count. It’s frustrating to work hard for hours in the gym every week, only to see the number on the scale stay the same or your clothes fitting the same, or even worse, increase. If you’ve been struggling with weight loss even though you’re spending hours on the elliptical or treadmill, it’s not your fault. Your body just needs something different.

The Weight Loss Rut

Our bodies are smart- sometimes, too smart for our own good! When your body is used to the same old same old (such as pedaling away on the stationary bike or hiking up floor after floor on the stair machine), your metabolism and muscles adapt. As your physical activity becomes the norm, your body no longer has to work as hard, and you’ll start to see a plateau in your weight loss. The more variety you have in your workouts, typically the longer you will continue to see results. Keep in mind, everyone plateaus eventually…. last I checked, there was no one faster than a speeding bullet like Superman!

Rev up the Intensity

Remember the saying, “the more you give the more you get”. That goes for your weight loss too. When you increase your intensity, you increase your burning power and it doesn’t take as long. You are better off going all out for short durations than going for long bouts of steady state exercises. This is why High Intensity Interval Training is so effective and gaining so much popularity. You get more results for less time.

Diet is Key

Have you ever heard, weight loss is 80% diet? Well here’s a reality check, you can lose weight with diet alone but you can’t lose weight with just exercise if your diet is bad enough. That is, you cannot outwork a bad diet! If you don’t have a handle on your diet, you’ll never get a handle on your weight.

Put it All Together for Maximum Results

To achieve the quickest results, minimize plateaus, and see real change over a long period of time, do all of it! Each one will help you get through a plateau but combining all of them will smash plateaus!

Let’s Do This

Had enough of pedaling your life away on the elliptical? At Fit Fx we combine it all and then some! Every day of the week, we challenge your body with something new and different, so your muscles are constantly working hard to adapt to challenging workouts. You’ll work out in a small group with people who are at a similar fitness level, keeping you challenged and motivate you to push yourself (and each other) harder than you thought possible. Our combination of cardio and resistance workouts utilizing high intensity interval training modalities help you shred fat and keep your metabolism in fat burning mode long after you finish your workout. Most importantly, our monthly (or weekly, depending on your needs) progress check-ins and nutritional support are key in helping you get the body you’ve always wanted. Try us out for 6 weeks for only $75 to see how what we do can change your body and change your life. You can also check out our Facebook page for more helpful fitness tips. We can’t wait to help you feel the burn!