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Dynamic stretching is an essential part of all Fit Fx workout programs. These stretches start the blood pumping into the muscles providing them with the nutrients and oxygen they need to move the body. Dynamic stretching warms up the tissues so they are ready for strenuous activity. This reduces your risk of injury and increases your flexibility so that you are physically ready to handle any type of exercise routine.
The Hamstring Stretch and Hip Flexors
Alternating lunges with a slight twist or rotation is a great dynamic stretch that will open the hips and slowly stretch out the hamstrings. Alternating lunges stretch the muscles in the legs, hips and lower back while the rotation gently opens up the pelvis, benefiting the glutes and abdominal muscles. Adding the twist will also help to warm up your core muscles giving you additional flexibility during your workout.
Overhead Squat
Another great dynamic stretch is the overhead squat. Lock your arms and bring your hands and arms up until you are reaching for the sky. Pull your body up as far as you can and hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds. Keep the arms locked and high while you lower your hips as far as you can go and repeat the exercise a few times. With each repetition continue to reach as for as you can on the up motion and drop the hips lower on the down motion. This opens up the spine and ribcage allowing you to breathe much easier during your workout, as well as helping correct your posture and open your hips so you’re ready to take on almost any workout!
Static Stretches
Static stretches are critical to any workout program and a static stretch can be performed with any part of the body. The basic concept is to stretch the limb to its farthest point and hold for approximately 30 seconds and gradually release. Repeat three or four times, going farther with each repetition. This opens the joints and stretches all of the muscles in the area.
Performing dynamic stretching exercises before and after your workout will keep you flexible and improve your range of motion. At Fit Fx, exercise programs are built around you and what you want to accomplish. Dynamic stretching will reduce your risk of injury and will help you reach your goals much faster than if you do a simple warm-up exercise. That is why every workout at Fit Fx starts with dynamic stretching! Stretch it out and let’s get started for FREE with our trial offer or check us out on Facebook for more valuable workout material!