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Working out alone can be boring and can make you lose your motivation. If you want to keep your momentum, try using a workout buddy. At Fit Fx, we match our members up into two and four-person teams. Each member of your team will have similar goals and skill levels. It’s the best way for every member of the team to stay motivated and actually excited about their workouts.
Benefits of the Buddy System
One of the benefits of this system is that your workout buddy will help you to stay on track. Accountability is key, especially if you want to reach your goals in the time frame you’ve set for yourself. A workout buddy not only helps with accountability but provides encouragement when you need that extra push and they will also help you celebrate when you reach each new milestone. Whether you work with one, two or four, the buddy system is a powerful tool that can propel every member of your team forward.
Workouts for Your Schedule
Scheduling your workout is one of the biggest things to take the wind out of your sails and cause you to lose momentum. It is critical that you and your workout buddies agree on days and times that you can all make consistently and then stick to it! At Fit Fx, we offer workout times from 4 am to 7 pm which gives you a very large window of times to choose from. When we evaluate your fitness level and help you to establish your fitness goals, we learn what a good workout buddy will be for you and match you up with individuals who are similar to you in multiple aspects! This way, you always have a workout buddy when you workout! This will give you that edge to get the most out of every workout and hold you more accountable to show up!
Fit Fx always utilizes workout buddies to help each member get the most from their workout. While accountability is certainly a priority, it’s also important to stay motivated. Working with a buddy will provide you the support and encouragement you need that will keep your momentum going at a steady pace. Check us out for FREE and see just how far you can go or go to our Facebook page for more helpful tips