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September Workout Game Plan

For the month of September our muscle group pairings will be shoulders/legs and chest/back. By switching up the muscle group pairings from month to month, we allow ourselves to avoid complacency and plateauing, hence why the first week of each month leaves us so sore! We also place an emphasis on conditioning ourselves to utilize the same amount of weight under longer periods of tension, which will result in quicker we will see our overall ability to increase weight from month to month! In September we will increase from  time under tension (3 exercises in a row per muscle group) and will be moving up to three exercises in a row per muscle group. 

New September Exercise/Warmup Additions!

Keeping with our monthly tradition, we will again be adding new exercises and new stretches! Each and every month we will bring something new to our classes, which allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! In the month of September we will be adding two new workout exercises and one new warmup exercise.

Single Arm Dumbbell Incline Rear Delt 

  • Picture yourself on the incline bench lying face down, then raising your upper arm away from the ground.  This exercise help provide strength and shape to the rear shoulder muscle which also helps improve  forward head syndrome.


Single Arm lat pull Down 

  • Instead of the traditional rip 60 pull down we will be utilizing the rubber bands to create resistance to the upper back.  Using rubber bands in this exercise adds a different resistance to the range of motion that helps keep us to keep breaking plateaus. 


Single Leg Seated Forward 

  • This helps stretch the hamstrings, opens the hips and if you can reach your toes, then another way to stretch those tight calf muscles.