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workout routines for beginners
When learning to drive for the first time, it’s probably best to drive a modest and safe car, rather than jumping right into the sports car of your dreams. The same can be said for people working out for the very first time! Workout routines for beginners don’t have to be entirely different exercises from more experienced gym goers, but knowing how to modify and perform the exercises in a modest and safe manner will be key to learning the right way!
At Fit Fx we stress the importance of knowing your limits, taking it easy, foam rolling, and not skipping class! All of these things are important in getting your workout routine and fitness journey off on a great start! If class seems too hard, if you feel too sore the next day, or if you simply aren’t having fun, then you wont want to continue on! Workout routines for beginners are as simple as letting your body get used to all of this new, fun stuff you’re introducing it to!
When you work out, you build up lactic acid. While we can’t eliminate the soreness this might bring altogether, we can help mitigate the soreness by stretching and foam rolling both before and after class, and even at home! Feeling good will make it more likely you will get back in the gym! You can also avoid that soreness by taking it easy and staying within some set boundaries when you begin. You will eventually work your way up to the point of pushing yourself to the limit, but if you do that right away, your body won’t react kindly!
If you are still in the early stages or just considering starting, bring up the topic of workout routines for beginners to one of your coaches at Fit Fx and we can help give you tips and pointers and even keep an eye on you in class to make sure you are on the right track! For more info, check us out at for our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75.