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Is healthy fast food a real thing? It can’t be, right? Not so fast! We understand that life can get hectic and we can’t always meal prep and have our day go exactly as planned, so those quick meals are sure enticing! We don’t expect you to change everything about your life and we are here to help modify your way of doing things, just like we do in class for difficult exercises!
healthy fast food
What makes fast food so unhealthy is the way they process and ultimately prepare a majority of their foods. Some restaurants are worse than others. Overall, if we can keep the calories-in-calories-out mentality and eat in moderation, while avoiding the obviously terrible foods, we can get by with the occasional quick meal! Let’s take a look at some of the healthier fast food chains if you truly must make that decision!
Panera Bread – A very robust menu of healthy items, including meats and many organic choices.
Jason’s Deli – One of the best things about Jason’s Deli is the portion control. Most fast food places will just load you up with a heart attack in a box! At Jason’s Deli you can eat healthy foods on an organic whole wheat wrap and keep the calories to a minimum.
Noodles and Company – No grease, just healthy soybean oil! Whole grain and organic options while keeping the calories low!
Chipotle – Yes, even chipotle! Be smart about your menu choices and you’re looking at some healthy, organic meats with some great fiber and starch options! Chipotle has the potential to be very good if you cut out the bad!
Of course, avoiding fast food and option for a nice healthy home prepared meal is always going to be the way to go, but when that’s not an option, try and make healthy choices! Look at calorie counts and even go a step further and educate yourself on what type of fats we truly want to avoid vs those that aren’t so bad! Better yet, sit down with Phil to discuss even more! The more we know, the better choices we make!
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