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shoes for HIIT
One question we are often asked by new members is what kind of shoes are needed for high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. We have a feeling that this question might be one that even our current members wonder! So, in today’s Fit Fx Blog we have decided to discussed the things you should consider when getting shoes for HIIT workouts.
As with any activity we do, having the proper shoe makes a huge difference! We wouldn’t wear hiking shoes to run a marathon! The same principle applies to shoes for HIIT.  One thing to keep in mind is the variation in the workouts we do at Fit Fx. A common shoe for HIIT workouts is a standard running shoe. However, running shoes are geared to keep you on the front of your feet which can lead to an unstable workout. If you’ve heard our coaches talk, stability muscles and the importance of proper form is key, so you do not ever want to have instability when doing a HIIT workout!
What you also don’t want are shoes that are too restrictive. You want to avoid heavy shoes that don’t have much give to them; for example, basketball shoes or hiking shoes. The best course of action is to find a shoe that has a great balance of stability and flexibility, which are referred to as cross-trainer shoes. When shopping for shoes look in the area of cross-trainers or ask an associate to direct you.  Keeping our feet healthy and happy is a huge part of success at Fit Fx which is why shoes for HIIT is a very important consideration!
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