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When it comes to our fitness goals, many of us have one thing in mind: bell fat. We can work out as much as possible, but the reality is that we cannot outwork a bad diet! In today’s Fit Fx Blog we want to focus on foods that burn belly fat. We’ve come up with some dietary habits and food choices that will help a great deal in burning that belly fat!
foods that burn belly fat

  • When thinking of foods that burn belly fat, one of the top culprits to point the finger at is sugar! We tend to love foods and drinks that are sweetened by sugar. Our bodies get filled with fructose when we eat sugar and we turn it into fat! Moving forward, go for the sugar free version of drinks and avoid foods that you know are filled with sugar, particularly candy!


  • Another food that burns belly fat is protein! This macronutrient has been shown to reduce our appetite and boost our metabolism. This can lead to eating less and gaining better eating habits overall, which will in turn lead to reduced belly fat!


  • No more carbs! If we are looking for foods that burn belly fat, carbohydrates are not the way to go! Diets low in carbs have been shown to be drastically more effective than those that focus on being low in fat when it comes to weight loss. Our cravings go down, our water weight goes down, and we see quick results just by cutting out the carbs!


  • Foods rich in viscous fiber are foods that burn belly fat! This isn’t necessarily true for all fibers, which is why we point out viscous, soluble fibers, which can be found in fruits and vegetables along with whole grains and whole oats!


  • Tracking the foods that burn belly fat will also be a great habit to get into! It may sound like a daunting task, but turn food tracking into a challenge, or even a game! Get excited about knowing you will be entering a healthy food into the journal for the day and look back on what has and hasn’t worked! More importantly though is keeping ourselves accountable!

Making little changes can go a long way! Getting used to these small dietary changes and habits by making better choices of foods that burn belly fat will then turn into more small changes and over time we are living a clean, healthy lifestyle with the results we want! If you need any tips on what foods fall into these categories, feel free to ask a coach the next time you are in the studio! For more information on Fit Fx, check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at