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Finding a low calorie lunch during the work week can be a tough task! With how busy our home lives can be, it’s often easier to just eat out rather than meal prepping for the week. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! Fit Fx is here to bring you five awesome low calorie lunch ideas that you can eat during the work week and keep that calorie count low!
low calorie lunch

  • Leftovers turned into wraps

Leftovers from the night before can easily be turned into a low calorie lunch wrap! An example would be taking some leftover grilled chicken, mixing it with some veggies, and putting it into a wrap! Low calorie lunch, easy to make!

  • Stir fry

Using lean meats and fresh veggies, just sauté your ingredients and serve with brown rice or some other type of healthy grain! This is an easy, restaurant quality, low calorie lunch that you can make different every time with different ingredients!

  • Spaghetti (or any kind of pasta)

Once again, this one lends itself perfectly to leftovers and helps solve the problem of not enough time! You can eat it warm or cold, with meat or without, with sauce or without, and with veggies or without! The many combinations will make this low calorie lunch take a while before it gets old!

  • Fruits, cheeses, and meats

Simple, yet filling, good on protein, low on calories, and easy to prep!

  • Salad

Hard to go wrong with a salad! Well, one that’s prepared right, that is! Adding some light ingredients and just a touch of dressing (or even olive oil) will keep the calories low but the taste top notch!
There are many different easy and simply low calorie lunch ideas and we would love to share more of them with you! Take advantage of our meal planning that comes with your membership! Check us out online at www.teamafterburn.com and look into our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75!