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High intensity interval training is one of the most popular and effective workouts today, for individuals from the everyday person trying to improve health, to the seasoned athlete trying to get in the best shape of their lives. So what exactly makes HIIT training so popular? Why is it so different from the normal gym experience? Let’s take a look:
HIIT, short for high intensity interval training, is a training method designed to bring your body to all-out effort of a short period of time (anywhere from 20-60 seconds) with short period of rest in between (roughly 30 seconds). The idea, which we’re sure you’ve heard us say it time and time again in class, is to get the heart rate elevated and then keep it there for the duration of class. Why would we do this? Because this burns the most amount of calories in the least amount of time!
Another thing you’ve heard us mention in class is the afterburn effect, otherwise known as the EPOC effect. The EPOC effect is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and is achieved when our heart rates stay elevated to the point where our body continues to work and burn calories for hours after we leave the gym! This is why HIIT workouts are far more effective than standard gym workouts.
Aside from just the increased calorie burn, here are a few more benefits from HIIT:

  1. Increased Metabolism
    It’s no secret that as we get older our metabolism starts to turn on us! The EPOC effect, which we get when we combine the high intensity with the intervals, allows the fat burning to start taking full effect before we’ve even left the gym!
  2. Quick and Convenient
    No time for the gym? No problem! Interval training workouts are designed to be quick, easy, convenient, and most importantly, effective! Most routines last 30-45 minutes…who can’t spare that? At Fit Fx we start each class at 10 minutes after the hour and you are gone by the top of the next hour. 45-50 minutes at most for a life-changing commitment!
  3. No Experience Required
    While HIIT workouts appear to be (and in many cases are) designed for high-level athletes, the beauty is that they are designed to be effective for everyone! At Fit Fx we focus on the functional aspects of fitness and your life. We focus on exercises that will benefit you not just in the gym, but everywhere else!

Are you ready to truly challenge yourself with interval training and make the kind of commitment that is life changing? See for yourself what so many of our members have and are experiencing online at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials and also head over to Facebook and like us for regular updates and tips at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn. Better yet, though, come down to the studio with your gym clothes and join us for a workout! Hope to see you soon!