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Despite the common myth that eating healthy means eating boring, it’s simply not true! At Fit Fx we stress to our members that portion control, meaning understanding your calorie intake vs you’re the calories you are burning, is what it really comes down to. Keeping a focus on low calories foods will allow you to still eat some delicious meals, including breakfast! Let’s take a look at 7 healthy, low calorie breakfast recipes that will help you shed the pounds and still eat great!
1.) Blueberry Syrup and Waffles!
Up first is one of our favorites! All you’ll need for this amazing breakfast is 1/3c of blueberries (frozen), 2 tsp of syrup, 2 waffles (whole grain), and some pecans!
If you microwave the syrup and the blueberries together for a couple of minutes, you will get a nice blueberry-flavored syrup! Top the toasted waffles with the syrup and blueberry mix, along with some pecans, and you have a delicious low calorie breakfast!
2.) Tomato on bagel and cream cheese
Once again, we will focus on whole grain for the bagel and we will use low fat cream cheese to keep this one healthy! Using just 2 tablespoons of the cream cheese, spread onto a toasted bagel and top with a tomato slice on each side! This delicious low calorie breakfast will get your day started at under 300 calories!
3.) Banana pancakes and PB!
A classic! Adding peanut butter and banana to your whole grain (yes, you see the pattern) batter will give a great taste to the pancakes! Top with some honey on the top and you’re off to another great day thanks to a super low calorie breakfast!
4.) Granola parfait
Simply, yet delicious and very low calorie breakfast! About 6 ounces of yogurt (Greek if you’re looking for the protein), 2 tsp of honey, and whole grain (yep) granola! You can top it off with some blueberries or other fruits and this is a cool, light treat which is great for summer months especially!
5.) Omelet with bacon and spinach
Did we say bacon? Yes! Well, ok, turkey bacon. Crumble the turkey bacon and mix it with baby spinach, adding both to a nice mix of egg whites. Cook the mixture together on a skillet and serve with some toast! Low calorie breakfast is served!
As you can see, breakfast can still be amazing when you’re watching what you eat! Combine great foods like this with a consistent workout routine (like Fit Fx!) and you will achieve the results you have always wanted! Check us out online at www.teamafterburn.com and come check us out with our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75! You can also like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn.