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It’s the weekend which means we get to take a break not just from work, but also from working out and eating healthy, right? Wrong! While we love that break from work, we should make our commitment to health and fitness a never-ending journey! Weekends can be a time to pile up the calories because we tend to be more social, go out more, and we eat more meals in the day with other people (and not on a time limit). So, in today’s edition of Phil’s Kitchen, we are going to give you some healthy snack reminders as you head into those weekend breaks!
healthy snack

  • Crackers with a healthy hazelnut or Nutella spread! You can even top this yummy treat off with a banana slice!
  • Smoothies! Smoothies are delicious, filling, nutritious, and you can get creative with the recipes!
  • Hummus! Hummus is wonderful with crackers or pita bread, or even by itself!
  • Pretzel chips and dip. You can choose from a number of low calorie dips to got with this delicious, low calorie chip!
  • Yogurt parfait! Nice and refreshing healthy snack in these summer temperatures!
  • Rice cakes! Rice cakes are extremely low in calories, which allows you the room to add a little topping such as peanut butter!
  • Frozen yogurt! Yes, we said it, frozen yogurt! Go easy on the toppings and you can make this a low calorie healthy snack!
  • Popcorn! Don’t douse it with butter and salt and popcorn can be a healthy treat for everyone!
  • Celery sticks! Actually, ants on a log! A classic! Celery with peanut butter and raisins is a low calorie treat we can all enjoy!
  • Watermelon! Stay hydrated in those hot summer months with this delicious, low calorie snack!

Stay on track with your diet over the weekend and any time you are out of your normal routine and opt for the healthy snack! If you need a little extra help, check us out online at and join the Team for help meal planning and of course, calorie killing workouts!