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If you look back to our activities throughout our life, they typically always involved friends. When we were kids we played outside with friends, when we were teenagers we hung out with our friends on weekends and at school, and even into adulthood we spent time with our group of friends. As older adults we still crave the same thing, but our social events tend to become fewer and further between. Make going to the gym a social event! Spending time with people you enjoy while in the gym can not only lift your spirits, but also make your workout that much more effective, which is why group fitness classes are a fantastic way to reach your goals.
When you work out on your own, you miss out on a lot of elements of group fitness classes, such as making new friends, gaining accountability, and also being part of a workout that has already been designed in a safe, effective manner! 
People tend to get very bored in the gym, which is why boredom is one of the leading causes of people quitting before they reach their goals. When you walk into Fit Fx and see familiar faces and can enjoy your time in the studio during the group fitness classes, every day is new and exciting and you don’t get that bored feeling! You find ways to challenge and push each other during group fitness classes and can even laugh and joke about life outside the gym. Effective workouts are just as much mental as they are physical!
People also often fall short of their goal due to time constraints. When you work out alone you are trying to figure out the best routine and which station to go to next and sometimes even have to wait for a station to open up. In group fitness classes, the entire class is already pre-determined and you just need to show up, enjoy the group, and get in a great workout!
If boredom, lack of time, not knowing exactly what you are doing, or a number of other reasons are excuses you have given for not reaching your health and fitness goals, give group fitness classes a try at Fit Fx! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at and get started today!