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Being a part of the Fit Fx community is so much more than just having access to group workout classes on a daily basis! Being part of the Fit Fx community means access to a community of professionals and people like yourself who ultimately become your weight loss support team! Through encouragement, accountability, knowledge, and even a special online support group on Facebook, the community atmosphere is never in short supply when you are part of our community!
weight loss support
Countless studies have shown that the people you surround yourself with tend to influence your decision makings. We may hear this in negative connotations often, but it is true in positive ways as well! When we are surrounded by people who positively influence us, we have what is known as a weight loss support group! One of the primary things a weight loss support community does is hold you accountable, both in and out of the gym!
When you feel comfortable with the environment around you, you tend to migrate toward the choices those people are making as well! So, when everyone else is encouraging one another to go to class at Fit Fx, you will be motivated as well and in turn pass that motivation along to others! This is also true for eating habits! When others around you are talking about their healthy eating habits or new healthy foods they have discovered, you tend to want to join in on the fun! This is a huge aspect of the Fit Fx Member Support page on Facebook! Members are always giving encouragement to one another and posting healthy food ideas, which is an extension of the weight loss support community!
Don’t feel like you have to go the journey alone! Fit Fx, which includes not only our coaches, but also your fellow members, is here to join you and encourage you along the way! Check out our 6-week Summer Transformation Program online at https://thefitfx.com/6-weeks-trial-membership/ and also our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn.