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We all know that familiar, dreaded feeling of muscle soreness after a good, hard workout! In fact, it’s a phenomenon that even has a name: delayed onset muscle soreness. At Fit Fx we do our best to help our members not only reduce the severity of muscle soreness, but also understand how and why it happens. Two things tend to happen when we work out: 1.) we build up lactic acid due to the depletion of ATP when working hard, and 2.) we quite literally break down (tear) our muscle tissues and fibers when lifting those heavy weights!
muscle soreness
So when can we expect to feel this muscle soreness and how long will it last? Typically, you wont feel it right away, hence the term “delayed onset muscle soreness.” The soreness can start to be felt as soon as 8 hours after the workout, however we typically tend to feel it setting in the next morning. The worst of it is generally on the second day after the exercise. The soreness then tends to dissipate by the third day and will usually be gone entirely by the seventh day.
So, are you expected to just have muscle soreness for a week at a time after every workout? Of course not! There are a number of factors that help to reduce the soreness and speed up the recovery time. One is paying close attention to the time you’re allowing those muscles to recover! Luckily for you, Fit Fx has that handled for you! There is a science behind why we structure our workouts the way we do, from the time between various muscle groups but also the alternating cardio and resistance days. When we are sore from resistance days, the cardio days help to speed up the blood flow back to the sore muscles, which in turn speeds up recover!
Another way in which you can help yourself tremendously is by stretching and foam rolling before and after class. Yes, before AND after! Stretching helps us not work cold muscles which can be overworked too quickly, while foam rolling helps spread out that lactic acid and prevent/break down scar tissue. Essentially, foam rolling is giving yourself a nice deep tissue massage! You can also stretch and even foam roll at home, which is highly encouraged!
At Fit Fx our goal is not to just put you through a tough workout, although we pride ourselves on that! We also want to make sure you are working out safely which leads to working out effectively! If you have too much muscle soreness or are injured, you won’t get the most our of your workouts! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package online at and also check us out on Facebook at