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We love to talk about and promote the right foods to eat. What about the wrong foods, though? In today’s Fit Fx Blog, we’d like to shed a little light on some of the unhealthy foods you should keep out of your kitchen and off of your plates! Take a look at these five foods you’ll want to avoid when going out or going to the grocery store if you goal is to shed the pounds!


unhealthy foods


Refined Grains

Unhealthy foods in this category will be things such as white bread, white rice, and those ultra-tasty baked goods. Refined grains don’t contain any fiber, which means our body will digest them faster and lead to a potential increase in our blood sugar and spike our insulin levels.

A good alternative to this would be whole grains or simply healthier versions of refined grains such as brown rice and whole-grain bread.



We love to top our food off or flavor it up with a little (or a lot of) sugar! Juices, flavored treats, condiments and even many sauces contain added sugar that can sneak up on our waste lines! Not only that, but a high intake of sugar can lead to cardiovascular disease and even diabetes as well. Even fruit is packed with natural sugars that can be too much for out body if we aren’t eating in moderation. If you want to keep the belly down, then keep the sugar down as well!


Processed Foods

Things that are packaged, canned, or even processed meats are going to fall into this unhealthy foods category. Processing impacts the nutritional value of foods and typically contains several unhealthy additives like salt, fat, and sugar.


Greasy, Fried Foods

This category of unhealthy foods probably goes without saying, but for argument’s sake, keep the pizza, burgers, fired chicken, and French fries to a minimum! These foods give us the unhealthy fat that we don’t want! We would be better off sticking to unsaturated sources of fat and not sources that will increase the number on the scale and once again increase our risk of diabetes.



Ok, maybe we didn’t save the best for last this time. We will be realistic in saying that we don’t expect you to change your lifestyle entirely. However, moderation with alcohol, perhaps even more than with other things, is crucial! Alcohol contains empty calories, sugar, and carbohydrates that serve us no benefit! Additionally, the effects it has on our state of mind, our ability to work out and be productive, and ultimately reach our goals should be a no brainer!


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