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While it’s important for us to have healthy eating habits, it’s also important to make sure our kids are eating healthy and getting good nutrition as they grow as well! Healthy snacks are a great start!
healthy snacks
With Spring Break upon us, many of us will have a week full of kid’s at home and naturally kids love snacks! So how do we avoid a week full of junk food for our kids? Take a look at these surprisingly healthy snack options for your kids, not just on Spring Break but all the time!
Popcorn: Popcorn is a whole grain and is packed with fiber! Avoid loading it up with salt and butter and you’ve got a hit with the kids!
Cookies: Yes, cookies! Use the right ingredients and you can make cookies healthy! Whole wheat pastry flour and rolled oats make great substitutes/additives along with applesauce in place of butter!
Peanut butter: Adding peanut butter to almost anything makes it great! Bananas and celery both pair great with peanut butter and kids love it! Add some raisins on top of the celery and peanut butter and you’ve got ants on a log, a classic!
Chocolate: Want your kids to eat fruit or some protein –packed nuts? Dip them in chocolate!
Chips and Dip: Chips alone aren’t that bad. They have a nice serving of fiber. When we use healthier dips, such as hummus, it can ultimately be a healthy snack! Use pita bread instead of chips and you are in even better shape!
Frozen fruits: Something about freezing grapes and strawberries and other fruits really appeals to kids! Especially when they are playing outside all day in the warm Arizona spring weather!
Our kids love snacks. There’s no way around it! So, rather than taking them away and starting our kids off by hating the idea of being healthy, let’s modify those snacks and make them like the idea of being healthy! Healthy snacks are key! For more dieting tips and to get started on your journey to a healthier you, check us out at https://thefitfx.com/6-weeks-trial-membership/.