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If you ever thought we placed too much emphasis on drinking water at Fit Fx, take a moment with us as we shed a little light on the importance of staying hydrated in today’s Fit Fx Blog!

Staying hydrated is such an incredibly vital part of your body’s functioning abilities! From your cells, to your skin tissue, to every organ in your body, water helps everything run smooth and correctly! It helps regulate our body temperature, get rid of bad stuff, and even “oil” up our joints to improve movement!
One thing needs to be clear: we need water every single day! How much? It depends! We’ve all heard that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the goal. That’s not a bad goal, but staying hydrated doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone, especially Fit Fxers who are exerting so much energy during class! One thing is for sure: if you feel thirsty, drink water! We also often mistake thirst for hunger! So, if you are feeling hungry at a time that doesn’t really make sense, rather than getting food, get a drink of water!
There are lots of drinks out there that market themselves to keep you staying hydrated. Some even do a good job! However, water is always going to be your best option because most others are going to be filled with sugars and calories! Water can also be found in some drinks (such as coffee) and foods (such as fruits and vegetables). However, we cannot rely on our water intake as a secondary source from other items!
With our busy schedules, many of us fail to find the consistency of staying hydrated. Try a few of these tips if this is you:

  • Carry a bottle of water with you every day! Refill when needed!
  • Add some lemon to your water to get some flavor and keep it interesting!
  • When working out, drink water! Before, during and after!
  • Make a schedule for when to drink
  • Order water at restaurants (even if you order another beverage)

If you aren’t sure you are getting enough water, sit down with us and let’s chat about it! You can bring it up during your next reassessment or just simply pull one of us aside and we can discuss it! Staying hydrated should not be something you put off until another day! If you want results, your body needs to be at its best, which starts with proper hydration!
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