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Last week, we discussed expectations during your first 45 days in a new fitness program. There is the soreness, the awkwardness of being around new people, and the overall intimidation of starting a new journey that you don’t know much about! Luckily, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and your hard work and commitment will pay off as you stick with the program and trust the process! After the first 45 days, your next 45 days will be an awesome experience! By the time you get to 90 days, you will be a whole new, better, improved version of yourself!
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As we make it past that first 45-day milestone and set our sights on that 90-day mark, we have a fresh outlook on our new routine. Your body doesn’t get sore like it used to, struggling to find the time to fit in the gym isn’t really much of a struggle at all anymore, and working on those diet habits has become a regular part of the routine as well! The best part? You are seeing results! Sure, you will see great results in your first 45 days as well, but as we approach that 90-day mark, you will be feeling better than you have in a long time and looking the part as well! You will also have had plenty of time to forge new friendships, truly feel part of the Fit Fx family, and maybe even convinced a friend or two to join you! At the 90-day mark, you are now officially someone who “works out!” Congrats!
Setting milestones and having realistic goals is a major component to being successful in a workout program. At Fit Fx we like to help you not only set those milestones but make sure you reach them as well! Feeling like the journey is never ending and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel can be daunting. Hat’s why we like to break it into both macro and micro level progressions. In other words, short and long-term goals. Stick around for the final segment in this series: what to expect at 180 days! In the meantime, check us out online at and also on Facebook at