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Many people make the switch from regular beverages to diet drinks in hopes that it will lead to weight loss. The problem is that many people wind up letting their minds run wild and believe that the reduction in sugar is permission to eat other bad foods! Further, studies have shown that sweeteners in fact make people even more hungry and crave even more sugar! Let’s take a look at how diet drinks and other food items can be a bit misleading!
diet drinks
Artificial Sweeteners
Yes, these artificial sweeteners can make our drinks taste nice and yummy still, but they can’t rehabilitate a sugar addicted brain that is conditioned to expect a certain level of sugar intake. Diet drinks leave our brain knowing it is unsatisfied and still wanting that sugar fill, so people often tend to find it elsewhere.
Healthy snacks
Like diet drinks, “healthy” snacks can be misleading as well. Organic stickers, whole grains, and lots of other healthy terms are no match for a heaping dose of sugar! Sticking healthy labels or words on a snack does not make it good for you if it is still packed full of sugar! It may have less calories, but if its full of
Low-fat diets
Remember, calories in vs calories out! That should be far more concerning than low fat, especially since there are plenty of good fats that we need! Even low carb is a more important aspect to look at. However, once again, it’s the sugar that gets added into these diets that is the real downer! You’ve probably noticed a pattern, stay away from the sugar!
Aside from the impact it will have on our body due to its contents, sugar also leaves us feeling lethargic and with a lack of energy which can cause us to skip the gym! Exercise and a good diet go hand in hand! Check out Fit Fx where we can help you with a meal plan and advice on how to kick those sugary addictions and offer alternative suggestions! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at and also on Facebook at