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If you aren’t a body builder looking to bulk up those muscles, is there any reason to be taking protein? Of course there is! There are a number of reasons that protein is beneficial to anyone in a fitness routine, but if you aren’t familiar with all of the benefits, we’re here to help! Yes, protein does help you build muscle, but it can also help increase the metabolism which can in turn help you lose weight!
protein shakes
Protein shales are great because you are able to increase your protein intake by merely fixing yourself a delicious drink! Of course, before we expect you to just pour powder into the blender, we’ll explain a bit more about what protein is.
How does protein powder help us?
Protein powders can be looked at as basically the best of milk, with the carbs and fats taken out. Therefore, you can increase your protein intake without worrying about other bad additives, which ultimately leads to increased performance, lovely muscle tone and an overall improvement in health.
What kinds of protein are out there?
Well, there are a number of different types of proteins, but let’s take a look at a few of the more popular kinds:
Probably the most well known of the proteins is whey protein. It is very easy to digest and super easy to absorb into the body.
Casein protein is high in glutamine, which is an essential amino acid in the recovery process. It is also slowly digested, which makes it ideal before bed so that it can be absorbed into the body throughout the night.
Soy protein is also a great alternative, particularly for vegetarians and vegans. It contains all of the essential amino acids!
What are you waiting for?
Protein is a great partner in the workout process. It can be taken before a workout, after a workout, and first thing in the morning. It’s easy to digest, easy to absorb, and doesn’t leave us feeling full and unable to give our best. If you still aren’t quite sure, sit down with us and let’s talk it over and come up with a great plan for you! If you haven’t already become part of the Team, check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 and we can talk about your health, nutrition, and fitness goals together: