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The holidays don’t have to be full of unhealthy foods! You may be thinking to yourself, “holidays are the time to eat good foods and good foods just happen to be bad!” Well guess what? You’re wrong! There are tons of healthy food alternatives that still allow you to get into the festive spirit, and you can probably even convince some of your friends to hop on the healthy train with you by serving some healthy treats at a holiday party! Here are some alternatives to traditional unhealthy holiday foods!
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1.) Yogurt Dips!
Instead of going for the traditional full fat dips, go for a yogurt dip! Many dips are based off of full fat sour cream. You can substitute low fat Greek yogurt or even nonfat sour cream in virtually every recipe this holiday season! Think about it: an ounce of sour cream has 60 calories, whereas an ounce of nonfat Greek yogurt has only 15-20!
2.) Cut back on the booze!
Yes, we know this is a tough one to hear! Ok, we will meet in the middle, go for the low calorie alcohols and stay away from the sugary, high calorie mixed drinks! If you can manage, however, staying away from the alcohol altogether is your best bet!
3.) Sweet Potatoes!
Sure, yams are a holiday staple, but why cant sweet potatoes be as well? Roasted sweet potatoes make an excellent healthy food substitute for candied yams!
4.) White meat!
The type of meat you eat will make a huge difference! Go for the healthy food choice, leave the dark behind for someone else!
5.) Rolls!
We all love rolls! You don’t have to skip them, but why not make a wiser choice? Instead of those white, flour rolls, go for the whole wheat rolls instead and make it a healthy food item!
There are many more healthy food alternatives you can consider when making your holiday eating choices. Let us give you some pointers here at Fit Fx, where we offer meal planning as part of your membership! Visit us online at to learn more about us and our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75!