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Weight loss is a primary goal of many people who make the commitment to working out and eating right. What many of those same people don’t realize is that despite all of their hard work, drinking alcohol is often slowing or even countering the process altogether!

Weight loss comes down to the simple concept of burning more calories than you consume, and reducing alcohol consumption will significantly reduce your caloric intake. Cutting back on alcohol can also have a number of other benefits, ranging from a better night’s sleep to just an overall improved outlook and feeling.
Alcohol’s Impact on Weight
What people don’t realize is that alcohol is a higher source of calories than most of the other things we consume, including protein, carbs, and fat. You might have also heard the term “empty calories.” A pint of beer can be as caloric as a large slice of pizza, while a large glass of wine might equate to an ice cream cone, so the calories can start to add up while providing no nutritional value.
Cutting the booze could mean cutting the pounds
Alcohol tends to be present in situations that create an environment for unhealthy food. Cutting back on drinking makes it easier to focus on your healthy foods, which we know will help us shed those unwanted pounds.
There are other ways that drinking less leads to weight loss as well. Exercise is clearly a key element of weight loss, and when we drink we typically do not work out. Alcohol also leads to dehydration which means your body cant control is internal temperatures very well, often leading to overheating.
Making a change to your body requires a change to your lifestyle which typically takes commitment and commitment is much easier when we aren’t dealing with a foggy head!
Is it time for you to cut back on the alcohol?
If you are already making the commitment to change your diet and exercise, don’t waste all of those efforts by consuming too much alcohol! Just like with food, alcohol can have substitutes too on a night out. Also, we tend to confuse hunger with thirst, so drinking more water can help fill us up and not leave us wanting more bad food or alcohol! Even something as simple as switching from a high calorie beer to a low calorie beer could have a big impact.
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