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November Workout Game Plan
If you haven’t noticed, at Fit Fx we take pride in avoiding the typical, boring same routine that turns many people off from working out! Every month we strive to give new, exciting workouts, adding in new things you haven’t seen and pairing different muscle groups to avoid complacency and plateauing! This month we will change our resistance day muscle group pairings to shoulders/chest and legs/back. We also place an emphasis on conditioning ourselves to utilize the same amount of weight under longer periods of tension, which will result in quicker we will see our overall ability to increase weight from month to month! Last month we reduced our time under tension to just one exercise in a row per muscle group. This month we will increase that to two consecutive muscle groups worked, trying to stay with the same weights we used last month and not reduce, thus creating a progression!
New November Workout Additions!
At Fit Fx, we are constantly striving to keep the routines fun and fresh by adding new exercises each month! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Adding new exercises allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! Let’s take a look at the newest addition for November:
1.) Slam Ball Burpee
 This new cardio workout combines our beloved slam balls with the ever popular burpee! Yes, a Slam Ball Burpee! Similar to a bosu burpee, you will be doing the ground work while holding onto the slam ball, before exploding up with the slam ball still in your hands!
2.) Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Fly Hold
 Similar to our single arm hold bench press, this exercise will be performed on the flat bench with one arm holding the dumbbell extended above you, while the other arm performs a fly out to the side. This exercise will create some extreme tension on both sides of the body, meaning we will maximize our workload during those classes!