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If there is one thing that is consistent about every single Fit Fx workout, it’s the warm up exercises at the beginning of every single class! Warming up helps us out in several ways, including a buildup to an increased heart rate, improved circulation throughout our body, and also getting us mentally and physically prepared for the workout ahead!
warm up exercises
Why Warm Up Exercises

Imagine getting out of your nice, warm, comfy bed in the morning and having to get ready for the day. It’s a gradual process and not something that happens right away!  It’s the same concept when you prepare yourself to work out. You want to get your body both physically and mentally ready for the physical demands that lie ahead!
Increased Blood Circulation

A proper warm up will help increase blood circulation throughout your body, including to your muscles, tendons and ligaments. It’s like putting oil on that squeaking chain. We look for several key things to happen during the warm up: an increased heart rate, warming up muscles to avoid injury, increased flexibility in our ligaments and tendons, and ultimately reducing the likelihood of tears.
Mental Preparedness

In addition to the physical benefits, we also need to prepare ourselves mentally for each workout. Your mind can ease into the workout. When we ask our bodies to perform at peak level and demand every ounce of energy, we are putting an increased amount of stress on our bodies and on our minds. When we gradually work our way in to the workout, we can handle to stress and overall shock factor that we are putting on our bodies and perform at a much higher level!
At Fit Fx we understand that every aspect of working out is important. From the warmup, to the demonstration, to the workout itself, to the foam rolling at the end, and yes to the time you spend outside of class as well! Come see for yourself through our 6-week trial package and let us help you change your life for the better and meet your goals! View the offer at and also view us on Facebook at