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At Fit Fx, one of the core elements that we pride ourselves on is the group training aspect of the program. Research indicates that group training offers a variety of benefits that you simply do not see when working out alone or with an individual personal trainer! In fact, people tend to give more effort and ultimately stay more committed over a longer period of time when working in a group training environment!
group training

  1. Motivation:

When you’re working out alone, those free weights, machines, and treadmills probably never gave you a high five or told you what a great job you were doing! In a group training environment, you’ve got a class full of people just like you and a trainer who wants nothing more than for you to succeed, and the motivation and support is never ending!
2.Positive Addiction:
Addictions aren’t always bad! In fact, research shows that working out in a group training environment releases feel-good endorphins which can be beneficial to our workout and lives.
3.Cost benefits:
Group training offers a way to get all of the benefits of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost! Where can you get that kind of attention, accountability, and goal setting without breaking the bank! At Fit Fx, of course!

  1. Variety:

When working out alone, its often the same routine week in and week out. Who wouldn’t quit when things get boring? It’s how we are! At Fit Fx we keep things interesting on a regular basis! The classes alternate daily from cardio to resistance and the classes also change from month to month with different muscle group pairings to fend off the complacency that our body natural develops!

  1. Safety:

Working with certified personal trainers in a group setting environment is second to none! Trained in proper form, our coaches also demonstrate every exercise and would never ask you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves or haven’t shown you first!

  1. Time effective:

Personal trainers only have so much time in their day and if the time you want is already taken up by another client, then you are out of luck! At Fit Fx we offer classes throughout the day and you are never committed to a specific time each day! This lends itself perfectly to a busy and unpredictable schedule! Plus, all we ask for is 45 min of your time each class!

  1. Anti-aging:

At Fit Fx you are constantly challenging yourself in new ways and adding new things to your routine, which helps with the anti aging process!

  1. Challenging:

As mentioned earlier, people state that they find themselves working harder when in a group training environment! Our bodies tend to plateau over time and we don’t work as hard when the results aren’t coming the way we would like. When we are in that group training environment, we push ourselves past those imaginary limits we have set for ourselves!

  1. Friendship:

If you have ever been to one of our classes or follow us on Facebook, you’d know that our members become fast friends! Our members are not only friends inside the gym, but also develop meaningful friendships outside of the gym as well. After all, you already have that commitment to health and fitness in common!

  1. Cross training:

As we said previously, we tend to plateau when we do the same things over and over. Cross training is a great way to fight off that complacency, work different muscle groups and also avoid injury.
If these 10 reasons aren’t enough to come try out Fit Fx, then maybe a one-on-one assessment is what you need! We all need to continuously strive to improve our health and fitness, no matter who we are! Come down to the studio and check us out, but in the meantime visit us online at and on Facebook at