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At Fit Fx we stress that we not only transform your body, but we help change your life as well on your journey to lose weight. That second part is probably the hardest thing for people who want to lose weight, and the reality is that we need that before the body transformation can begin. It’s not an easy journey but that’s exactly why we are here to help you every step of the way!
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Studies have suggested that less than 1% of formerly obese people who lose weight will maintain that weight loss. Does this mean that once fat we are all doomed to stay fat? Absolutely not!
Losing weight and keeping it off long term is a hard journey, but one that is worth every calorie burned and every life changing decision! Let’s take a look at a few of the steps you can start taking right away that will get you on the right track:
1: The right mindset!
We tend to think in one of two ways when we make a commitment to lose weight:

  1. A temporary change in the way we look at things.
  2. A complete commitment to a new lifestyle.

Your mindset determines your success. There is no in between. Once you’ve gotten the mindset of a new lifestyle, you’ve accomplished your first very big hurdle.
2: New Habits
Once we have the right mindset, we need to put action behind the thoughts. Slowly but surely we can begin to transform the things we do on a daily basis and especially the things we eat to replicate that of a fit and healthy lifestyle and ultimately lose weight. Start right now by kicking the sugary drinks to the curb or saying no to that fast food on your way home!
3: Your Environment
We can’t stack the odds against ourselves and expect to be successful! We must change the things around us to promote a healthier way of life! Clean out that pantry of the bad things, get the family to buy in to a better way of living, go for a walk instead of watching tv! Your weekend habits make a difference as well. Don’t stay out as late; get some sleep and get up in the morning for a nice hike!
4: Good Nutrition
Know what you are putting in your body! You’ve heard us say countless times that calories in vs calories out will have a direct impact on the scale. Let’s take it a step further and now start looking at the types of foods we are eating. Challenge yourself to become knowledgeable on types of fats and the impact of sodium and sugar and other ingredients!
5: Your Support System
Probably as important as you in this whole equation is those around you! It is so much easier to achieve a goal when you have everyone in your corner! That is exactly why we love the team atmosphere at Fit Fx! You can cultivate new friendships, develop fun competitions, and overall just be happy for yourself and others as you see the transformation taking place! Of course you have your family and friends outside of the gym as well. Let them know how you are doing, be proud of the success you are seeing the hard work you are putting in to making a better you!
We are here to help with all of these things here at Fit Fx! The commitment to lose weight is a hard journey but not one you have to go alone! We will be there from start to finish, keeping you accountable, motivating you, and making sure you have a great time becoming the new you!
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