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New August Workout Additions!
At Fit Fx, we are constantly striving to keep the routines fun and fresh by adding new exercises each month! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Adding new exercises allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! Let’s take a look at the newest addition for August:
1.) Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Press Hold
➢ A twist on an old favorite! In an upright standing position, we will raise a dumbbell from our shoulder directly up and over our head, but rather than bringing it back down to our shoulder, we will leave it in an extended position, creating a constant presence of tension on that shoulder muscle! Meanwhile, our other arm will be pressing another dumbbell up and down in traditional fashion. This extremely tough exercise will test our mental ability to hold that position for the duration of the set!
2.) Single Arm Rubber Band Forward Fly Hold
➢ Another twist on an exercise we are no stranger to, the forward fly hold will again test your ability to maintain your position for the duration of the set. As we pull the band forward and slightly across our chest with an extended arm, activating that chest muscle, we will leave the arm extended across the chest for the duration of the set. Meanwhile, the opposite arm will be extending and contracting a rubber band of its own! The constant tension on the chest muscles will break down those muscles fast but will have maximum results as we move forward to more time under tension!
3.) Rubber Band Squat Row Hold
➢ We love our squats! However, this exercise will truly test our back strength! As we dig into our squat with the rubber bands nice and tight, we will pull the bands back to our chest area, squeezing those back muscles together! At this point we would typically get to release the bands and repeat. Not this time! This time we will hold those arms back, squeezing those back muscles for the duration of the set. Once again, conditioning our muscles to manage that level of tension for that long will go a long ways in helping us to increase our weights as the months go on!