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We often struggle to reach our goals and quite figure out exactly why. We work hard when we are in the gym, we eat well pretty often, so what gives? We’re here to tell you that the solution often boils down to one simple thing: an accountability partner!
Of all the advice and tips you will receive when it comes to your health and fitness, finding an accountability partner is right up at the top. Some people are scared of this step because it requires you to let someone else in on your personal business. Someone else needs to know what you are doing and how you are doing it. Getting over that fear will do amazing things for your results!
People expect the best advice to be some magical workout tips like cutting out carbs, working out in the morning, or doing squats until you can’t do them anymore! Sure, those things can be helpful, but being held accountable is second to none! The biggest thing we struggle with is consistency and cutting corners. If we all had someone there making sure we didn’t cut those corners, our results would be so much more than what they are!
Of course, we still believe that high intensity interval training based on a combination of strength and cardio along with a healthy diet is the basis for a healthy, happy life. However, all of that is worthless if you don’t actually do it, and do it consistently! Whether it’s someone you met at the gym, or someone who is already a friend or family member, working out with an accountability partner is absolutely essential to maximizing potential for the majority of us.
Sure, the select few can get by flying solo, but if you think you’re one of those people, take a few things into consideration first:

  • Are you reaching your goals in the timeframe you expected?
  • What things are getting in the way?
  • Do you skip workouts or splurge on food/drinks often?

The answers to those questions will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not an accountability partner will help you reach your goals. For most of us, we need one! At Fit Fx we help cultivate friendships and there is no shortage of accountability partners! Come on down to the studio and check out a class for yourself, but in the meantime check out what other members have experienced at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials and also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn.