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At Fit Fx we alternate every day between cardio and weight training (resistance). We often hear through various health guidelines that physical activity and aerobic exercise is important, which it is! However, we don’t often hear much public support for the benefits of weight training. A steady amount of research has proven, though, that resistance workouts have a major positive impact on our musculoskeletal system, improves our everyday functional abilities, can help prevent osteoporosis, and can reduce and even eliminate pains in our body that we assumed just came with aging!
weight training
The reality is that we need both cardio and weight training in our lives to be as healthy and fit as possible! This week our blog will focus on the three main elements to maximizing our fitness potential: weight training, cardio training (Wednesday), and a good nutritional diet (Friday)! So, for today, let’s take a look at some of the major benefits to resistance training!
Increased Strength
One obvious benefit is the increase in our own strength and power which ultimately leads to an increased ability to perform everyday tasks. Our success in the gym should not just translate to more success in the gym, it should translate outside of the gym to the everyday functions of life!
Improved Flexibility
You hear us mention time and time again that full range of motion is important on weight days. Full range of motion can lead to increased flexibility which helps improve our daily functionality and reduces the risk of injury!
Likelihood of Injury
As we just touched on, weight training leads to fewer injuries. A strong muscle is far less likely to be injured under stress. We can also reduce and even eliminate common knee and back issues by strengthening the muscles surrounding those areas!
How We Look
Increased muscle mass means a tighter, leaner, more toned look! You will notice your clothes fitting better and just an overall improvement in the way you feel moving about your daily routine!.
Improved Posture
The way in which we stand or sit every day really impacts our overall physical health. We tend to slouch or lean when our stability muscles aren’t quite there to keep our posture correct. When we have better posture, which is something we stress during warm-ups at Fit Fx, our overall fitness improves!
Mental State
Studies have shown that regular exercise leads to increased confidence, less stress, better sleep, and a number of other benefits! When we look better and feel better, we ARE better!
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