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Sometimes losing weight can be a confusing thing. Even when we feel like we are doing everything in our power, like eating right and working out hard, we still aren’t getting the results we want. Why is that? There might be a simple explanation.
Check out these seven common reasons that people who have the right mindset often miss the mark to keep them losing weight at the right rate:

  1. Not enough sleep

This is probably the most common problem getting in the way of losing weight. Simply put, we need enough sleep to support losing weight and it is directly related to hormone levels. During sleep, our cortisol levels decrease while our growth hormone levels rise, which is an essential combination for fat loss. When you aren’t getting enough sleep and this hormone combination isn’t available, your hormones instead go into a fat storing mode which causes you to feel hunger and eat more!

  1. TOO MUCH Healthy Food

Yes, you read that correctly, you can eat TOO MUCH healthy food! Remember, it comes down to calories in vs calories out. So, even if the calories are coming from a healthy source you can consume too much.  With that said, most, if not all of your food should come from healthy sources but that does not mean you can eat as much of it as we may want.

  1. Not Enough Water

Dehydration is a big problem for nearly all Americans, especially here in Arizona. Dehydration is dangerous enough for our organs and bodily functions, but it’s also a killer for fat loss. We often mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating rather than hydrating. By staying hydrated, we can avoid this issue!

  1. Eating Out Too Much

This one should be self-explanatory but let’s touch on it anyway! We are always looking for convenience and those fast food restaurants know how to give it to us! The advertisements, the discounts, the quick meals, the fun atmosphere…it all adds up to consumer satisfaction and also extra pounds! Sure, it seems like a quick fix at the moment, but the damage it does to our bodies leaves us with anything but a quick fix! Stay away from fast food and other restaurants as much as possible and stick to those homemade meals where we know what’s going in our food!

  1. You need more protein or fiber

A diet rich in protein and fiber is a diet that leads to losing weight, however, for a majority of us, we lack in this area. People naturally like the taste of sugar, fat, and carbs more than protein and fiber, so that’s why our food is made that way…so we will buy more of it. However, knowing what’s going in our bodies is essential to weight loss, and more of the bad than the good will lead to those extra pounds.

  1. Too much packaged foods

For the sake of argument, let’s clear up that we aren’t talking about cookies and candy. You should already know better than that! We’re talking about the packaged foods that are branded as healthy, such as protein bars, granola bars, etc. Yes, they are healthier than junk food, but again, they must be consumed in moderation. Overall, too much of these types of packaged foods are bad for your weight loss goals. Natural foods always top packaged foods!

  1. You need to work out harder!

You have to do more than just show up! It is completely natural for us to want the path of least resistance. So, when we are at the gym we try our best to get through the workout without too much discomfort. That simply doesn’t work. We need to push ourselves to the limits and out of our comfort zone to achieve the results we want!
Let us help you achieve the goals you have for yourself…or better yet, let us help you develop new, more challenging goals for yourself as well!  Check us out online and the countless success stories we’ve had and also on Facebook for more helpful fitness tips!