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There are lots of lazy people out there with no motivation. After all, it’s the easiest path to take, especially with all that we have going on in life.
People who would rather spend their time relaxing on the couch than going anywhere.
People who choose fast food over making dinner at home every day of the week.
People who would rather have dental surgery than go to the gym!
We are all entitled to a day of rest from time to time, but it seems that a majority of people are making it the norm!
Do you fit the description of being lazy? Take a look at some of the key characteristics:

  • You are regularly inactive.
  • You’d rather sit on the sidelines and watch others than actually be actively involved
  • You tend to have a number of excuses for not being active.
  • Even when you are active, your goal is to find the easiest route possible.

If you meet some or all of those characteristics, don’t worry, there are some very reasonable explanations for why people feel that way. Luckily, there are also ways to overcome these issues as well:

  1. Lack of Sleep: A lack of sleep is directly related to a lack of motivation which in turn is directly related to laziness. We need to do our best to get 8 hours of sleep each night in order to maintain enough energy to get you through the day. Although not always realistic, 10 hours of sleep would do wonders for us!
  2. Too Much Caffeine: The caffeine crash is a true struggle! That morning jolt may be exactly what we need to get going, but it gives way to a lull in energy later on. If we can rely on natural energy to get us going, we can avoid that inevitable crash that comes along with caffeine.
  3. Forming Bad Habits: Eventually we do things so often that they become habit. Including being lazy. If every night after work you head straight to the couch, it soon becomes automatic and not a conscious decision. Breaking the habit is easy as long as we actively commit to it! Change your routine and consciously think about doing something different and before you know it, the couch won’t even be on your mind!
  4. Inactivity: Many of us have sedentary jobs which get our bodies used to being inactive. Even something as simple as a 30 minute walk at some point in our day will keep those muscles active and not wanting to hibernate. Once you have started those walks and do them consistently, your muscles will be ready for more!

Laziness grows when we ignore the voice in our head telling us to be active and instead give in to that other voice that just wants to lay back. There is nothing wrong with relaxing, but it’s when we make it habit and ignore the fact that we need to be healthy that it becomes a problem!
Let’s make today the day you will kick laziness to the curb and find the motivation!
Let’s make today the day that you will take action toward achieving your goals and locating that motivation!
Let’s make today the day that you will listen to that little voice of reason and again, find that motivation!
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