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One of the biggest steps people take in making healthy nutrition decisions is to make smoothies! They tend to be easily digested and they appear to be rich in healthy foods! However, not every smoothie is made the same and some might even be undoing the hard work we are putting in at the gym!
Take a look at some of the key things we need to make sure we understand before we fully commit to a smoothie:
Does It Have Fruit Juice?
If fruit juice is the added liquid in your smoothie, it might not be as healthy as you think. Fruit juices are often loaded with flavor-enhancing sugars, making them a poor addition to our smoothies. If you still want fruit juice as the liquid addition to your smoothie, then make sure you are getting something all natural, or better yet, squeeze it yourself!
Do You Have to Add Sugar?
For the very same reasons we need to be careful with the fruit juices, we need to avoid any smoothie that requires us to add sugar. Believe it or not, fruit is plenty full of the sugars we need. Anything more than what we already get from the fruit will be too much and will begin to encourage fat storage.
Do You Toss in Yogurt?
Yogurt can either be good or bad, but don’t always assume it is good. It all depends on what kind of yogurt you use. Many yogurts are packed with additives and sugars. On the other hand, homemade, organic, or Greek yogurt, can be an excellent addition to your smoothie!
Is It Super Sized?
Eating in moderation is always a good rule to follow, no matter how healthy the food. Remember, calories in versus calories out is the recipe for weight loss or weight gain. If we eat too much of anything, it can be bad. So, don’t overindulge on the smoothie, even if you’ve made sure it’s healthy.
Do You Ever Color It Green?
Green means vitamins! Fruit is definitely delicious in a smoothie, but don’t be afraid to toss in some veggies as well. Even a small amount will be good and the fruit will probably still mask the taste if you aren’t a veggie person!
Does It Contain Ice Cream?
Before you laugh too hard, some people think that anything cold and creamy that comes out of a blender is a smoothie! Wrong! If your smoothie recipe calls for a few scoops of ice cream, think again and find a new recipe!
Yes, challenging yourself in the gym is a huge part of your fitness success. However, eating right is equally important! So make sure you are making the right decisions when you are choosing to eat healthy!
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