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Most people want to be fit, yet only a small percentage of Americans truly are. Most of us, instead, have fallen into the Flab Life rather than the Fit Life.
Why is this? Because living the Fit Life is not easy!
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Being fit requires us to change our habits and adopt a lifestyle that encourages being fit. Let’s take a look at some of those habits:
Fit Habit#1: Exercise Daily
After a long day at work it sounds much more appealing to watch some tv, relax at home, or even try and get to bed early and get some extra sleep. Those who are fit resist those urges and push themselves past the temptation to skip the gym!
Fit Habit #2: Eat Clean – All The Time
Our food choices are often driven by taste and not nutrition. Unfortunately, the fit life doesn’t have room for this way of thinking. Being fit means limiting your simple carbohydrates and getting lots of protein and fiber.
Fit Habit #3: No Room For Junk
Say no to junk food and sweets! Save the tasty treats for special occasions, but don’t make every other day a special occasion!  The more you eat healthy foods, the less you will crave the unhealthy foods!
Fit Habit #4: Push Harder
Don’t become complacent. Assess your goals from time to time and reset them. Once you’ve achieved a goal, set new ones! Being fit is about always pushing yourself to be a better version of you!
Fit Habit #5: Control Calories
Weight is as simple as calories in versus calories out! Don’t overindulge on  highly caloric foods, or any foods for that matter!
As you can see, living the fit life isn’t the easiest. Now, let’s take a look at habits of the flab life:
Flab Habit #1: Forget Exercise
You’re tired and you want to relax! We can get very good at convincing ourselves that we deserve a day off. A day then turns into two which turns into three and we have completely ruined our routine!
Flab Habit #2: Eat For Taste
Sure, donuts are great! But we also know for a fact that they are packed full of sugar and calories. A flab habit is to eat for the taste and desire and to ignore the nutrition of the food!
Flab Habit #3: Indulge Often
Not only is eating unhealthy a flab habit, but eating unhealthy often is a bad habit as well! Self control is out the window when you live the flab life.
Flab Habit #4: Stay Comfortable
Getting complacent is easy. That’s why it’s easy to live the flab life. Staying committed and dedicated, on the other hand, is hard!
Flab Habit #5: Pile It On
Super size me! The flab life encourages us to eat and eat and eat!
Believe it or not, the truth is that both of these lifestyles are hard. Just depends on which hard you’d rather deal with.
The fit life can be hard to achieve, but the results are great!
The flab life can be easy to achieve, but the results are very hard to deal with as you progress through life.
Which hard do you choose?
If you think the fit life is for you, then you don’t have to go on the journey alone! At Fit Fx we are here to help you every step of the way, including helping to keep you accountable through monthly assessments and meal planning, along with a great workout program! Check us out online at and on facebook at