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The older we get the busier our lives seem to be! Unfortunately, that means an exercise schedule can be tough to come by.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though!
Summer will be here before we know it which means our exercise schedules will probably be even more difficult. At Fit Fx we’ve come up with three easy steps that everyone can use to avoid the dreaded excuse of having no time!
Step One: Schedule Your Workouts: We tend to schedule the important things in life, like appointments and meetings. We put them in our calendars and it makes it so much easier to keep the schedule. Treat your workout the same way! Create an exercise schedule like you would any other event!
This only works when we actually do it, so pull out your calendar and a pen (or your phone). Getting in shape means committing to changes in life, which include your schedule, too. So, don’t plan to do this later, do it right now!
Identify three hour-long time slots and mark them on your calendar. That is when you’ll exercise. At Fit Fx we have so many classes throughout the day that you surely can fit one of them into your schedule!
Step Two: Get the Most from Each Minute: We recognize that your time is extremely valuable. That’s exactly why we have designed a program to get the most out of your workout and do away with those long, mind-numbing sessions at the gym running on the treadmill or moving from machine to machine! We rely on high intensity interval training with short, extreme bursts that will get the most out of every minute you are with us!
Keep the following three elements in mind:

  1. Be Unstable: You’ll notice we often do things at Fit Fx that require you to balance or feel awkward. This is by design! The more we work to balance and stabilize our body, the stronger we are making our core!
  2. Add Resistance: More resistance means higher intensity and more calories burned. We alternate days between cardio and resistance days here at Fit Fx, so there are three days every single week to get your resistance training in!
  3. Use Intervals:  Interval training is simply alternating between different short bursts of activity and it is the pillar of our program design!

Step Three: Twice the Results in Half the Time: What if I told you that Fit Fx has a proven way to deliver twice the fitness results in half the time?
When you attempt to lose weight or meet a fitness goal on your own, the odds are stacked against you. Sure, you could do it over time – but it’s a long and lonely road. A road lined with detours that threaten to undermine your progress.
When you start a program at Fit Fx, you suddenly have the upper hand on weight loss. You have our amazing trainers in your corner, coaching you each step of the way, keeping you accountable to workouts and giving you that dose of encouragement went the going gets tough and the exercise schedule seems impossible!
And we’ll be the one congratulating you when your goal is met.
Call or email us at Fit Fx today to get started on a fitness program that will put exercise firmly on your calendar, and results squarely in your future. In the meantime, check out the success seen by a number of our members at www.teamafterburn.com/testimonials or on facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn along with our numerous Google and Facebook 5-Star Reviews.