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The reasons people come up with to avoid exercise and a healthy lifestyle are endless!
healthy lifestyle
The biggest reason we hear at Fit Fx is: Im just too busy. 
We also tend to hear a lot of procrastination: As soon as the holidays are over I’ll get on track 
We also hear things that are borderline silly: I just don’t like sweat. 
Although some excuses can seem very legitimate, the truth of the matter is that exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a happy, good looking body!
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be an extreme thing either. Simply exercising 2 to 4 times each week can lead to huge changes in your energy levels and overall strength and conditioning, which in turn will change the way you feel on a daily basis.
From a health standpoint, people often have nagging injuries or health concerns that they assume are a natural part of getting older. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Improving our cardiovascular system and strengthening our muscular structure will help in so many ways, from erasing those problematic pains to making our every movements feel so much better.
However, there was an excuse that would always stump us here at Fit Fx.
The sneaky excuse of ‘being active’: I don’t need a trainer – I’m already very active. I play sports and my Wii games too. 
Seems like a decent excuse, right? These are all active things that shed calories. Maybe people truly can be fit with no outside exercise…
However, a trend starts to emerge.
These individuals couldn’t touch their toes when standing flat footed. These people couldn’t jump rope for 60 seconds. These people needed days to recover from running one mile. These so-called ‘fit’ people encounter injury after injury, time after time.
And then it becomes clear.
Simply being ‘active’ cannot make you ‘fit.’
However, by being ‘fit’ you can become more ‘active.’
The truth of the matter is that consistent exercise is the only real way to lead a fit, active, healthy lifestyle in which your body can give you all of the benefits it has to offer, from flexibility to strength, to endurance.
So, are you truly fit, or do you fool yourself by being ‘active’?
If you’ve used the ‘active’ excuse in the past, think about the true meaning and difference between being active and being fit. Don’t put your future on the line by hiding behind the ‘active’ excuse!
You don’t have to start the healthy lifestyle journey alone. Give us a call, come down to the studio, or better yet come in and try out a class here at Fit Fx!
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